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Heating blankets

Heating blankets for industrial solutions

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Heating blankets are surface heating systems with endless industrial applications:
Heating blankets developed to prevent heat loss from products stored in drums, containers, IBC / Tote tanks, etc.
Heating blankets for handling and straightening of high voltage cables.
Heating blankets for gas cylinders.
Heating blankets for curing synthetic resins, hardening of mortars, acceleration of thawing processes, etc.
Heating blankets to avoid the accumulation of snow and ice on satellite dishes, improving communications in areas with cold climates.

Assortment of heating blankets

Drum-heaters, IBC tank-heaters, and heating blankets for many other applications:

Drum heaters for drums of 25, 50, 100 and 200 liters
Drum heaters for drums of 25, 50, 100 and 200 liters BFV
Heating blankets for IBC tanks 1.000 liters
Heating blankets for IBC tanks 1.000 liters BFVIBC
Heating blankets for hoppers
Heating blankets for hoppers and funnels BFV-T
Heating blankets for parabolic antennas
Heating blankets for parabolic antennas BFV-AP
Heating jackets for high voltage cables
Heating jackets for high voltage cables
Heating jackets for manufacturing wind turbine blades
Heating jackets for manufacturing wind turbine blades


The heating blanket consists of a heating wire circuit, covered with a special covering made up of silicone and resin insulating elements, enveloped in a second fiberglass fabric sheath.

Electric heating blanket scheme
Scheme of a heating blanket

This type of manufacture gives our blankets a flexibility that allows them to adapt to practically all types of shapes and applications:

  • Suitable for plastic and metal drums, and IBC/Tote tanks.
  • Wide range of blankets to adapt to different size, temperature and budget requirements.
  • Variety of sizes and powers to suit the application.
  • Adjustable or fixed temperature thermostats.
  • Includes different types of fastening or anchorage depending on the application: belts with buckles, Velcro, springs, glass fibre cords, etc.
  • Made-to-measure manufacture depending on the specifications of each project.
Fasteners: Nylon straps with buckles, velcro, grommets...
Nylon straps and buckles, velcro, grommets...


All our heating blankets have a thermostat of one type or another.

At ECAS, we offer different control and regulation solutions:

AT056: economic analogue thermostat

  • Temperature range: 0-90º C
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Maximum load current: 15 A
  • On/Off differential: 4º C
  • Sensor: Bulb and capillary sensing - 1 metre
AT056 analogue thermostat for drum heating
AT056: analogue thermostat

DP25A: digital programmable thermostat

  • Control panels prepared to work outdoor, from -20º C to +140º C.
  • Case with transparent window: IP-65
  • Connection entrances: PG-9
  • Relay output: 25 A
  • Allows different types of sensors: PTC, PT100, etc.
  • Voltage: 230 V
DPA programmable thermostat for drum heating
DPA: programmable thermostat

More information


To be able to offer you the most suitable heater, we must know all the drum specifications, the product that it contains, etc.

You can request a quotation for a drum heater that is suitable for your application, using any of these options:

  • Send us by conventional post, fax or email, the drum characteristics, the material of which it is made, type of product stored, temperature you wish to achieve, ambient conditions, etc.
  • Fill in the form below with all your details, drum specifications, product, temperature you wish to achieve, ambient conditions, etc.
  • Contact our technical department:

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