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Custom-made drum heaters

In ECAS we can manufacture drum-heaters with custom features and shapes, according to your specifications to fit the needs of your project.

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It is recommend that all our heating systems must incorporate some type of thermostat. Choose the one that considers appropriate:

Economic analog thermostat AT056:

  • Temperature range: 0-90ºC
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Maximum load current: 15 A
  • On/Off differential: 4ºC
  • Sensor: Bulb and capillary sensing - 1 metre.
AT056 analog thermostat
AT056 analog thermostat

Digital programmable thermostat DP25A:

  • Control panels prepared to work outdoor, from -20 ºC to +140 ºC.
  • Case with transparent window: IP-65
  • Connection entrances: PG-9
  • Relay output: 25A (according range of models 15A, 25A, 45A, 65A, with or without optional differential).
  • Allows different types of sensors: PTC, PT100, etc.
  • Voltage: 230 V.
DPA25 programmable thermostat
DPA25 programmable thermostat

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